Books are going free!

March 02, 2015

Everyone likes free, right?! So I've decided to make my books available for free! Yay!

When I wrote my first two books in the How Not To... series, the plan was that I'd a) keep them up-to-date, and that b) I'd write a lot more. Unfortunately, I've failed on both counts.

While the principles discussed in How Not To Write an App, and How Not to Use Your Smartphone are still sound, technology has moved on since they were published, meaning that there are areas that these books don't cover and which, maybe, they should.

And I'd hate for people to spend their hard-earned $2.99 on one of my books only to say "hang on a minute - what about xxxx". So I thought I'd make them free for everyone to enjoy.

Of course, this is limited to the eBook versions - if you want a paperback version, you'll still have to part with your hard-earned cash!

My eBooks are available on lots of online bookstores, and so the free pricing probably won't be visible immediately. However it'll slowly roll out to all stores soon enough.

If I get enough free time, I'll update them and might even make a start on more. Once that happens, I'll probably start charging again - so grab 'em while they're free!

NOTE: Some online bookstores are being slow to update their prices - so click on the relevant book page then and check the eBook box on the right of the page. From here, you'll be able to jump to the retailers where you can download for free.

Enjoy :o)



Smartphone security

Smartphone security: What you need to know

The benefits that come with advanced technology bring with them potential risks -- even in devices small enough to fit in the palm of your hand.

As the primary use of technology continues to make the transition from desktop to pocket, some say it's getting increasingly easier for your personal information to be compromised -- or more specifically, accessed by those with bad intentions.

The next few months could prove to be a critical period for smartphone users and their security issues, experts say. But until consumers actually begin utilizing the security tools already at their disposal, many believe hackers will continue to develop increasingly clever methods to obtain your information, including contacts lists, usernames, passwords and even your banking and credit card info.


iPhone vs. Android

iPhone vs. Android - Overconfidence vs. 'the Wild West'

Think you're necessarily free from being hacked because you use an Apple iPhone?

Think again.

Experts warn that overconfidence among iPhone users could be the very reason they become hacked in the not-so-distant future.

Though the technology giant is usually known for providing a more hacker- resistent environment than mobile phone rivals Android and Microsoft, that doesn't mean slip-ups aren't possible on the iPhone.

Rod Cambridge, a United Kingdom-based computer security expert and author of the book How NOT to Use Your Smartphone, recalled in November 2011, when security expert Charlie Miller created a stock- tracking app for Apple that was eventually approved and distributed for use on the App Store.